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Spoon – Mother Knows Best (2010)

Spoon's latest album, Transference, seemed to show the band finding new ways to tie their own shoelaces, searching out their own "Mystery Zone" or what Britt Daniel will later say in the interview "we gotta try to please ourselves first". Notable for being our first interview where the band asks us the questions, Spoon have perhaps realised there's more to making music than pleasing yourself. You've still got to please your Mom too...

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Arcade Fire Presents “The Suburbs”

Neon Bible. Now there's two words that should mean more than they do. Such was the case when Arcade Fire dropped that particular bomb on the loving faithful that had purchased Funeral in droves. Suffice to say, this time round Arcade Fire have been holding their cards closer to their chest, and now it seems they're ready to make up for the lingering mixed feelings that Neon Bible left in its wake.

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