Is Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance” the Greatest Pop Song Ever?

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Inescapable, inexplicable, infuriatingly addictive and an irrefutable pop phenomenon. She is Lady Gaga and she has come to take your children. If this were true, I'm sure it would be a fair trade but in reality, her goals are much, much higher. She is Lady Gaga and you know full well why she is here. A fashion and style icon, Gaga has made her two years in the public eye seem like a special kind of Chinese water torture. Chances are you’ve either succumbed to her spell, or fighting the effects with all the strength you can muster.

Way Out West – Gothenburg – 8 August 2008

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Webcuts brings you the lowdown from this year's Way Out West Festival held in Gothenburg, Sweden, including reviews, photos, and setlists from the first two days, Thursday 7 and Friday 8 August 2008. Bands reviewed: