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The Veils – Finn Andrews talks about Troubles of the Brain (2011)

Barely eighteen months since the release of one of 2009's dark delights, the epic Sun Gangs, Finn Andrews the New Zealand bred, England based leader of The Veils has released possibly one the highlights of 2011 with Troubles of the Brain. Over the course seven songs Finn and his band mates explore less grandiose and orchestral avenues than those on Sun Gangs favouring instead acoustic guitars, simpler arrangements and a lighter air in general. Chris Berkley tracked down Mr Andrews just before the release of Troubles of the Brain to talk about the differences in recording at home, going out on his own label and having a feverent fanbase to help that transition.

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The Veils – Interview with Finn Andrews (2009)

The Veils' recently released third album Sun Gangs displayed astounding depth, warmth and honesty across its ten tracks. Ranging from emotive ballads ("It Hits Deep", "Sit Down By the Fire") to epic Velvet Underground/Nick Cave art-rock ("Three Sisters") and something in-between ("The Letter") it provides further proof of the compelling voice of main man Finn Andrews. Chris

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