Bridezilla - The Zoo 22 Aug 2009

Decoder Ring + Bridezilla
The Zoo, Brisbane
22 August 2009

With yours truly sadly missing Decoder Ring’s slot at this year’s Splendour to take in Doves (although you can see we enjoyed their set immensely here) it was with some excitement to see them come around for a headlining show this soon after. We hoped that the intimacy of Brisbane’s The Zoo would be a perfect setting for their brand of instrumental electronic-rock and we were not disappointed.

With tonight’s support probably not being the most obvious accompaniment for the main course, Sydney’s Bridezilla still look assured in front of this crowd. Having played a number of high profile support slots over the last couple of years this sort of crowd should now be their bread and butter. It would be unfair to describe their set as workman-like, nevertheless no matter how much they seemed to be enjoying themselves, they still appeared to be going through the motions. All the elements are there for the taking, Bridezilla just seem to lack a certain quality to take themselves beyond local indie also rans. Pulling all the right sultry poses is one thing however the one element that Bridezilla fall short on is the songs, and this is ultimately what they will be judged upon. By the end of their set when lead singer Holiday Sidewinder goes walkabout in the crowd there are a few converts, though sadly not this reviewer.

Decoder Ring - The Zoo 22 Aug 2009

Forgoing any material from their Lenka period and simply drawing their set mostly from their recent record They Blind the Stars, and the Wild Team Decoder Ring don’t disappoint anyone here tonight. “Charlotte Rampling” and “Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom” especially sounding fleshed out with a much bigger sound than can be found on what is already an incredible record. Throughout the set what can only be described as fittingly stunning visuals are projected onto the band and the screen behind. Footage of flowers opening, stars exploding, cells splitting, it’s the truly epic proportions that can only compliment the aural sensory experience of Decoder Ring live. “Beat The Twilight” would for anyone else’s set be the highlight but that accolade must go to “100 Suns”, here played out with notes the length of the stillness between a heartbeat before descending into post rock peaks of swirling guitar and electronica. It’s a gorgeous and truly mind blowing set, but as the house lights go up we’re left wondering if this will be the last time we will see Decoder Ring in a venue of this size.

Photos: Stephen Goodwin