The Church – Sydney – 6 December 2012 The Church – Sydney – 6 December 2012

The most remarkable thing about The Church, and there are many remarkable things about this enduring Australia band, is how better they get with age. Memories seep past of watching them just down the road, in what seemed for all intent and purpose their final show. How different the mood tonight from the fractured awkwardness of 20 years past. When success and its pursuit of becomes secondary to making and performing music, the true nature of a band shines through.

Tame Impala – Together Alonerism (2012) Tame Impala – Together Alonerism (2012)

It’s a reassuring sight to see an Australian band successfully take on the world in the way Tame Impala have over the last few years. Their lush, psyche-pop sound feels like it was born between the grooves of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, evolving inward and outward, feeding on a wealth of influences and dreams unrealised. Currently on a worldwide tour, Kevin and Dom from Tame Impala talk about the making of Lonerism and its effect on the chief songwriter.

Who The Hell Are… Fear Of Men? Who The Hell Are… Fear Of Men?

Fear Of Men sound unabashedly in love with 80’s indie guitar bands, and I could rattle off half a dozen names of long forgottens like The Parachute Men and The Popguns, bands that weren’t trying to change the world, just wrap you in waves of guitar and tell you what was on their mind. With a growing list of impressive releases (and from the sounds of it, a forthcoming compilation to collect them all), we asked Fear Of Men to give us the inside scoop on what makes them tick.

MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds MNDR – Feed Me Diamonds

Mark Ronson accomplice MNDR serves up a dish of hot and cold electro-pop with her debut album, Feed Me Diamonds.

Divine Fits – A Thing Called Divine Fits Divine Fits – A Thing Called Divine Fits

Indie supergroups, who has time for them? Well you should make time for Divine Fits featuring members of Spoon and Wolf Parade.

Cat Power – Sun Cat Power – Sun

With her first album of new material in six years, the ever-captivating Cat Power rises anew with the varied delights of Sun.

Wild Nothing – Nocturne Wild Nothing – Nocturne

Not so much a sophomore slump but a sophomore slide on album number two for one man dream-pop band, Wild Nothing.

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