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The Walkmen – Heaven

Bella Union, 2012 [rating:8/10] From the outset, The Walkmen's seventh album Heaven ('seventh heaven' geddit?) does much to reignite interest in a band, who to be completely honest, have regularly under-performed on record (critically, backslaps all round, but commercially, nada) to the point where wives/girlfriends, etc, are sure to have said "when are you going to

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Hop Farm Festival – Kent – 1-3 July 2011 – Photos

Prince - Main Stage - July 3, 2011 Hop Farm Festival 2011 -- We came, we saw, we took a shitload of pictures. Too many pictures... So instead of cluttering up our coverage with photo overload, we've decided to collect the cream of the crop and put together a nice selection from the entire festival,

The Walkmen – London – 25 August 2010

“You’re one of us, or you’re one of them“. Hamilton Leithauser, fist wrapped tight around the microphone as if he's trying to strangle it, is howling those words. The rest of The Walkmen, heads bowed (as they remain throughout most of the set) play complicit and provide the carnival-esque roar to ram Leithauser’s words home. It’s not so much a question or a suggestion but a statement. For better or for worse, for way back when the band were selling their own white label records at the Middle East in Boston in 2001, I’ve been one of "us".

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