What to say about Sheffield’s Best Friends… The name of the band is self-explanatory. The a-side of their debut single “Surf Bitches” could either be about the kinds of girls they like or things they like to do, but with a comma missing between “Surf” and “Bitches”. You know, like a shopping list. Maybe they just wanna blitzkrieg bop their way all over the Beach Boys playbook? We all know Brian Wilson and the boys loved their surf and bitches, right?

Best Friends know the score, and it’s straight up garage surf pop framed around none-too-subtle lyrics like “Love is a wave and I want to ride it”. They sound like spiritual brothers to past Who The Hell Are…? alumni Bleeding Knees Club, both catching the same Waaves wave, hoping to hook up with their own Best Coast. Flip the single over and it’s all made clear — “I don’t wanna grow old/I just wanna stay young forever”. Ain’t that the truth.

Can you tell us how you all met and decided on a name?

We all met at University in Sheffield, Tom and Ed lived in the same halls in first year, Tom knew Lewis from home, Jack and Lewis met through skateboarding, Ed and Jack did the same course and Tom and Jack both love Cricket. As the name suggests we’re just bloody great pals.

How would you describe the sound of the band?

Keep London Road Weird. More Wobble than Rolf Harris.

What are some of albums/bands/books/etc that have inspired the band?

Lewis Currie, N64, Ocarina of Time Walkthrough, Slash, Rod Stewart, Handy Andy, London Road, Pranking the Sea Life man. Jim Morrison’s G-string.

What made you first want to make music?

Getting the babes.

How would you describe the band’s first live show?


Can you tell us about the last song you wrote?

It sounded like Nirvana meets the Get Your Own Back theme tune.

What plans are in store for the band as far as releases/shows?

We’ll probably do a release once we write some more songs. We’re gonna form a supergroup with The Black Tambourines featuring Richard Walsh on the Maracas. It’s gonna be called “Black Friends”.

You’re making us a mixtape. What’s going on it?

“Three Lions”, the whole of R Kelley’s “Trapped in the Closet”, the Get Your Own Back theme tune and the theme tune from Animal Hospital.

First time listeners, where should they start?

“Surf Bitches” is out on 7″ now, CHECKITOUT.

Best Friends are the September pin-ups on the Too Pure Singles Club for 2012. You can pick up the single at your favourite indie record store (we don’t play favourites at Webcuts). While you’re there check out the other great acts who’ve joined the club in 2012.

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