Darren Hayman and Jack Hayter
Luminaire, London
13th June 2008

What do you call a Hefner revival without two of it’s original members? Halfner. Hayman has recognised that it would be something of an indignity to bill himself and Jack as “Hefner” and have settled on this short tour by using both their names. Having pursued a career under a variety of guises since the demise of Hefner, Hayman as an artist has changed very little, in fact if anything has changed, it’s the audience and the general interest in his current work. Hayman has to be acutely aware that these are the biggest crowds he’s played to since the days of Hefner, and the irony must be galling.

All points on the Hefner compass are covered, and Hayman’s readings, both acoustic with Jack Hayter on slide guitar and with full accompaniment by members of the Wave Pictures are honest as they are earnest. The warmth in which they are received, and the fervour in which the audience call out for their favourite tunes is as close to a celebration of the band as either side is going to get. A three song “Hymn For The” suite sets up the final encore of “Good Fruit”, Hayman’s proudest moment, and for a brief time we’re all transported back to the summer of 2000 and like all distant reminiscences, wasn’t it a great one?

Hymn for the Alcohol
The Librarian
China Crisis
I Stole a Bride
Greedy Ugly People
As Soon As You’re Ready
Half a Life
Don’t Go
The Sad Witch
Painting and Kissing
Hello Kitten
The Day That Thatcher Dies
Hymn for the Coffee
Hymn for the Cigarettes
Hymn for the Postal Service
Good Fruit