Never in the history of doing these ‘Who The Hell Are… ?’ spotlights has a band come along and answered each question so thoroughly and excitedly that to praise them any further would make it seem like we’re actually in this band or take bribes (we do. email for details). From the same stable of acts (and household one would presume) that brought you the percussive pop concussions of We//Are//Animal and the not-very-French-at-all Masters In France, come spicy indie rock quartet Fennel Seeds. Further proof that North Wales these days is a happening place or one that naught much else happens.

Fennel Seeds excel, whether they want to recognise it or not, in grunge power-pop play. Vocalist Carwyn Ginsberg does share a similar register with that of Kurt Cobain and the music does venture into the same quiet/loud dynamics that made The Pixie so endearing, but that’s only part of the action. Debut download single “Strike Me Down” lines up a neat bait and switch, a seemingly straight-up acoustic track that unfolds with full band and neat chiming guitar work at the chorus. Delving into their SoundCloud demos, you’ll see this the grunge tag isn’t entirely representative, but watch out when becoming the Welsh Kings Of Leon…

01. Who are you?

Fennel Seeds are based in a small village at the foot of Mt. Snowdon (North Wales), The Current line up is Caz Ginsberg on lead vocals and guitar, Huw Jones on lead guitar, Meurig Jones on Bass and Sam Roberts on Drums! Carwyn was the one who came up with the name for the band! He doesn’t remember how he came up with the name! We think it’s something to do with an incident involving his mother’s spice rack! Fennel Seeds started gigging in February 2011!

02. What do you sound like?

The sound is trashy and raw but has a melodic grab to it! All demos are recorded on a small 8 track digital recorder with only one microphone over the drum kit! Which sums up how raw Carwyn likes his music!

03. What do friends say you sound like?

Many say it’s a mixture of influences from early Punk to 90s Grunge but it’s almost impossible to pigeonhole the style and sound! Lots of people have come up to us after gigs comparing us to The Pixies or Nirvana! But we aim to produce our own unique sound!

04. How did the band get started?

Carwyn started song writing back in 2006, it was then he came up with the name Fennel Seeds as a stage name for himself! After recording some demos in his bedroom he started receiving airplay from the likes of Adam Walton (BBC Radio Wales Introducing) and Tom Robinson (BBC 6Music). After meeting Tom Robinson in a songwriting workshop in 2010, Carwyn was even more determined to put a band together to perform his songs live! In late 2010 Fennel Seeds were busy rehearsing and started gigging locally in February 2011 then moved on to play gigs in London, Cardiff and other cities in the UK.

05. Give me your five band-defining albums?

This band has no defining albums as such! People say that Fennel Seeds’ sound is defined from the late 80s and early 90s Grunge albums such as The Pixies – Surfer Rosa and Nirvana – Nevermind!

06. Current band highlight/lowlight/amusing anecdote? (pick one)

Just released debut single as a free download via SoundCloud page and the response has been amazing! Awesome feedback and support from various radio presenters and DJs and great press reviews!

07. Tell us about the last song you wrote?

“Strike Me Down” was released as a free single on the 4th of July via our Soundcloud page!

08. Who would be some dream collaborators?

I guess some one exciting and a cutting edge producer like Gordon Raphael would be awesome to work with! But we’re a long way from that!

09. You’re making us a ‘Fennel Seeds’ mixtape. What’s going on it?

1. Kings of Leon – “Red Morning Light” (or any thing from their first Album)
2.Eagles of Death Metal – “Boys Bad News”
3. The Pixies – “Where is My Mind?”
4. David Bowie – “Electric Blue” (I think you mean “Sound And Vision” here, boys)
5. Queens of The Stone age – “You Think I Ain’t Worth A Dollar But I Feel Like A Millionaire
6. We//Are//Animal – “Luminous Lights”
7. Masters In France – “Mad Hatter”
8. Canned Heat – “Going Up The Country”
9. Os Mutantes – “A Minha Menina”

10. First time listeners, where should they start?

Visit our Soundcloud page! All new demos are uploaded there or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Myspace for latest news on gigs/releases! All tour dates are posted on these pages!