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The Hundred in the Hands – Pigeons (Acoustic)

By • Oct 6th, 2010 • Category: Webcut of the Week

New York electronic-pop duo The Hundred in the Hands get a Parisian cafe style acoustic makeover for La Blogotheque. Shot by indie film deviant Vincent Gallo the disco vibe of the single version (and electricity vomiting effects of the original video) are replaced by mellow guitar harmonics effects, a gothic synth line and a more pronounced rendering of Eleanore Everdell’s mellifluous voice which could fool many people into thinking the band are French themselves so well do they blend into the Gallic surrounds. Taken from their self titled debut LP out now on Warp/Inertia, the song is called “Pigeons” but it’s not actually about those rats with wings instead being about longing, escape. And sex. Obviously. The band have also released a 60min mix of music that has inspired them which includes disco/soul (Roy Ayers), indie (Grizzly Bear, My Bloody Valentine), post-punk (X, The Fall, New Order), electro-pop (Depeche Mode) and hip-hop (Run DMC). It’s a pretty damn good mix which you can listen to at their website.