Before Arcade Fire, before Metric, before The Stills, before any decent Canadian Alternative act in recent memory you care to name there was the power pop quartet known as Sloan. Closely approaching their 20th anniversary of rocking out, Sloan prep their latest release which will be a five track internet-only affair entitled Some of the Wealth due for release this Autumn, which looking out the window feels like it should be anytime now!

With their last two albums Parallel Play and Never Hear The End of It containing some of the best material of their career, we expect nothing less this time around. Following the ever-useful ‘carrot on a stick’ internet music business model, Sloan are offering a free track from this EP, “Take It Upon Yourself” to reacquaint yourselves with the band in what has been a quiet year for them (not for bassist/charmer Chris Murphy who recently suffered a broken rib in a hit and run bike accident).

“Take It Upon Yourself” is another classic in the Chris Murphy songbook, not a full-on scissor-kickin’ rock anthem but more a subtle sleighbell and handclap hipshake that in my opinion fades out way too soon. With an expected track to appear from the three other songwriting maestros in the band you can only wonder who pleaded (for) the fifth?  Head on over to to download the new track and maybe find out.