Civil Civic – Run Overdrive (live)

By • May 23rd, 2012 • Category: Webcut of the Week

Civil Civic, those mavens of mind-melting math-rock mayhem have been quiet for the better part of 2012 since the release of their self-titled, self-released debut album last year. An attempt to restake their claim across Europe was recently denied by UK customs officials who insisted that both Ben and Aaron’s torch-carrying Olympic duties carried precedence and the tour had to be cancelled. Them’s the breaks. For now you’ll just have to make do with this almost-as-good-as-being-there live recording of “Run Overdrive” filmed in London late last year. Such the popularity of the band, spontaneous crowd displays of “Fuck you, I’m in Civil Civic” have become the norm, as documented here. Your next opportunity will be on June 12th when Civil Civic play the Macbeth in East London. Don’t let them down.

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