Still Corners – Cuckoo

By • Aug 23rd, 2011 • Category: Webcut of the Week

What is it with twee pop types and ‘going cuckoo’. Is it something in the music? Should people be warned? Back In July we announced the release of cinematic psychedelians Still Corner‘s debut album Creatures Of An Hour and gave away the first single “Cuckoo” as a free download, which as you can see now, has its own suitably shimmery video. “Cuckoo” shines in its simplicity, a single drumbeat, ghostly guitar, and distant organ highlighting Tessa Murray’s haunting soprano as she asks, “I’d like to read your mind/can you read mine?” “It’s about confusion,” explains bandleader Greg Hughes. “It’s about being confused. Am I going crazy? Does this person like me? What’s happening? That’s the vibe of the whole record really”. Now it all becomes clear. Creatures Of An Hour will be released on October 10 through Sub Pop.

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