We//Are//Animal – Black Magic

By • Sep 14th, 2010 • Category: Webcut of the Week

This back-slashing Welsh act drove a truck through our radar earlier in the year with the schizoid tremor/pin-number offering debut single “1268”. We//Are//Animal (for it is they) have once again raised stakes with the follow-up, “Black Magic”, taken from their now officially released debut album Idolise which at the moment you can only get in Japan.… go figure. Nothing at all to do with dark chocolate, “Black Magic” is more the stuff of nightmares — a twitching, yawning, paranoia-filled walk on the wild side that has vocalist/guitarist Owain Ginsberg reciting the lyrics as if he were reading out a ransom demand from the devil. “Black Magic” could well be about the band themselves and their angular, death disco-ing ways — “it’s black magic/you can’t see it ‘cos you’re blind” or it could just be about the rest of you who haven’t caught on yet. “Black Magic” go get yours here… http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/black-magic/id382163340

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